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We offer seatbelt refurbs

Seatbelt Refurbishments

Some years ago we wanted to fit colour matched seat belts to a Porsche 930 Turbo project that we had undertaken, we found that buying the seat belts new from Porsche was prohibitively expensive, and were concerned about the credentials of some of the firms offering webbing change services.

We investigated and arrived at a process to remove, re-web, and refurbish the existing seat belts for virtually any make or model of car, the process is carried out following European manufacturing standards, and each belt is supplied with a certificate of conformity to ensure that your car is at least as safe as when it was new.

We offer a wide range of colours.

We hold in stock core exchange units for many popular models, this means we can apply the webbing of your choice, send the belts to you, and subject to a small refundable deposit you can fir them and send us back your original belts in exchange, thus reducing the length of time your car is off the road.

We also offer:
  • Supply only of new seat belts, all makes and models.
  • Refurbishment and colour change of your own seat belts if your car is not catered for within our exchange programme.
  • Our innovative solutions offer the opportunity for the discerning petrol head to add that final unique touch, whatever vehicle they drive.

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